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Measuring the Emotional Impact of Climate Change Images on Tourists: a Neuromarketing Study

Name: Carmen María Kraaijkamp
International intern student through Erasmus + Call for the undertaking of the final project.
Reading date: 06/01/2021
Home University: Maastricht University
Guardians: Patricia Picazo Peral y Sergio Moreno Gil

Description: A student chose the University of Las Palmas and in particular, the EMOTUR laboratory with the aim of completing her training in the area of ​​neuromarketing applied to the tourism sector. During the course of the four months, she became familiar with the techniques and devices available to later develop an experiment with 60 participants focused on climate change. The title of her project was “Measuring the impact of climate change images on tourists. A study from the perspective of Neuromarketing” with the aim of analysing what type of images and factors create a greater emotional impact on tourists. Using eye-tracking techniques and facial analysis of emotions, her study found a correlation between the content and location of the stimulus (image) and the experimental subject. In this sense, the nationality, culture and age of the subject were identified as relevant variables when perceiving the message, also reaffirming the emotional difference between men and women, with the latter group generating a greater emotional impact.
The study fills a gap in literature, using neuromarketing to achieve the goal of raising awareness more effectively and thus avoid the normalisation of climate change. The full results will be published in the coming months.