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We’re currently living in a digital environment, which expands from our way of communicating to our consumption habits. At Emotur you will join a recently created project, where you can deepen your knowledge of these aspects, by analysing the emotions and reactions of people that do not surface through traditional research methods.

The ULPGC is the first tourism research centre in the European Union, according to the latest Shanghai ranking (2021). It houses the UNESCO Chair in Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development, and the Institute for Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development (TIDES). In addition, the Canary Islands report a tourism ecosystem that offers all the possibilities you need to get to know the tourism and hospitality sector in depth, and of course it is the top European tourism region with regards number of overnight stays (EUROMONITOR, 2020).

At Emotur you will be able to learn how to use innovative and cutting-edge techniques and instruments in consumer analysis (VR & AR, Eye Tracking, analysis of facial expressions, EEG, etc.), expanding your knowledge and improving your professional profile and employability, both in the academic-research field and the business field. In addition, you will be able to participate in basic and applied research projects in specific cases, helping to develop companies and destinations, and contributing to the improvement of social welfare.

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