Laboratory of emotions and tourism in the digital ecosystem

“Important things in life are often invisible at plain sight, for example, emotions, feelings or ideas.”
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

At Emotur we work to understand and make emotions visible in order to make possible that the tourists and residents feel happier.

EMOTUR Lab is a research laboratory of the ULPGC specialised in applying neuromarketing techniques in the tourism sector, by placing a particular emphasis on the digital environment and on the analysis of the tourist experience. We are focused on the neuroturism with an application aimed at sustainability, image and digital environment, well-being and security, covering the whole process of the tourist’s journey and their relationship with the destination.

Gastronomy is part of the tourists’ emotions


We have at our disposal a wide variety of talents at
the service of analysis and research in tourism

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Emotur is an innovative, open and multidisciplinary laboratory composed of a team of young researchers specialised in neuroturism. We are looking for creative and innovatine profiles that provide value to our research lines on neuromarketing and to our experimental techniques (Face Coding, Eye-Tracking, EEG, Virtual and Augmented Reality among others).

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