Thursday June 20th, 2024 Idairar Bargo

The Path to Neurotourism | Webinar Cinturs – Emotur

In this speech, we delve into the innovative field of neurotourism, exploring the pivotal question: why apply neuroscience to tourism? We begin by examining the importance of understanding the customer experience in depth, highlighting the need for advanced techniques that go beyond traditional methods. By leveraging neuroscience, we can gain unparalleled insights into tourists’ cognitive and emotional responses, leading to more tailored and effective strategies in the tourism industry. The core of this presentation focuses on some of the primary techniques utilized in neurotourism, such as eye tracking, EEG (electroencephalography), and facial coding.

These methods enable us to decode the subconscious reactions of tourists, providing a richer understanding of their preferences and behaviors. To illustrate the practical application of these techniques, we present the configuration of a neuromarketing lab designed to address the research and applied challenges in this sector.


Our lab- Emoturlab  serves as a pioneering example of how integrating neuroscience into tourism. Through this journey, we aim to demonstrate the transformative potential of neurotourism in shaping the future of the industry.