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Comparison of the emotional response experienced by an individual in the field of football, tourism and sustainability

Guardians: Sergio Moreno Gil y Tatiana David Negre
Description: This project is based on the detection of emotional responses by means of the facial recognition system Noldus FaceReader for a sample of 21 individuals exposed to a series of external visual stimuli. The differences between the emotional aspects are studied in detail.

Research results: Minor differences were found in the reactions of the individuals after being exposed to the different visual stimuli. The predominant emotion is neutral, and posing the challenge of communication alters it. One of the possible reasons could be the low emotional impact of the selected visual stimuli, which means that there is no variability in the results. Small differences are observed in the different scenarios proposed.

The main differences are shown with joy, seemingly the emotion that can have the greatest variability, which has important implications given the direct relationship of this emotion on the subsequent behaviour of individuals. On the other hand, the difference observed between the reported and observed emotions seem to indicate the need to introduce these alternative measurement methods to the traditional ones through questionnaires, in order to be able to deepen the impact that communication produces on individuals. Finally, although the sample size in this type of study is always small, due to its nature, and the time invested in calibration and experimental design with each individual. This is assumed to be a limitation for carrying out conclusive statistical analyses regarding the differences, as well as on the selection of the photographs to be used. However, this work has revealed the potential of this type of analysis for future studies in different fields and scenarios.


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