Monday June 17th, 2024 Idairar Bargo

Collaboration agreement between TIDES (ULPGC) and CINTURS!

Following the success of the webinar “The Path to Neurotourism: Applying Neuroscience Techniques To Envise The Future Of Tourism” held on 12 June, we are pleased to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement between the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), the TiDES Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development and CINTURS: Centro de Investigação em Turismo, Sustentabilidade e Território (CINTURS).

This agreement aims to strengthen scientific and research cooperation in the field of neurotourism, an emerging discipline that seeks to understand the emotions and motivations of tourists through neuroscientific techniques.

Specific areas of collaboration include:

Scientific and research cooperation: Development of joint projects, exchange of data and information, and publication of scientific articles.

Promotion of training: Organisation of conferences, debates, seminars and other training activities in neurotourism.

Exchange of researchers: Promotion of researcher mobility between the three institutions.

Knowledge transfer: Dissemination of research results to the tourism sector and the general public.