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Neuromarketing, gastronomy and consumer behavior in vending AMFM

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AMFM Vending was born in the Canary Islands in 1985, driven by the passion for offering innovative solutions in food through automatic systems. Since then, they have become experts in the service of vending machines for companies and institutions, always at the forefront of technology.

Objective of research with neuromarketing.


The consumption of healthy products.

The communication of the differentiating characteristics of the different types of coffee: fair trade and organic.


Techniques used and methodology

Eye tracking: Tracking of users’ eye movements.

Emotion recognition: Analysis of the emotions experienced by users when interacting with the machines.

Integration of real-time image analysis with consumption data: Collection of data on the products that are selected and purchased.

Application of stimuli:

Informative messages.
Stoppers (attention-getting elements).
Price offers.
Credit card usage experience.



Increased consumption of natural products (natural fruits).

Increased consumption of gourmet and fair trade coffees.