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Emotional impact generated by the South Atlantic Performing Arts Market, Maps, among participating professionals (programmers, agencies and artists)

Name: PhD. Patricia Picazo Peral, Msc. Mireya Orellana Morgana, PhD. Arminda Almeida Santana, Melinda Suárez Suárez, Valeria Valentina Cabra Flórez, Lorena Negrín Rodríguez, Ayatimas Santana García

Advisory Team: PhD. Donald Getz (University of Calgary) and PhD. Tatiana David Negre (University of La Laguna)
MAPAS 2022 Results Report
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Tutor: PhD. Sergio Moreno Gil


The present research aims to analyse the emotional impact generated by the South Atlantic Performing Arts Market, Maps, among the participating professionals (programmers, agencies and artists). Specifically, it analyses the emotions generated by the event and by the cultural manifestations to which the market is due, as well as the interest and attention it arouses in the participants.

For this reason, this study combines the neuromarketing techniques of Face Coding and Eye Tracking – obtaining non-declarative information – with quantitative questionnaires of both open and closed questions – obtaining declarative information.


  • To know which emotions are generated by maps.
  • To identify the elements that generate the most positive emotions.
  • To analyse the extent to which positive emotions contribute to the “memorability” of the performing arts.
  • To determine which elements capture the attention of the subjects to a greater extent, and, therefore, those that generate the greatest “engagement”

Illustration 16. Performing Arts I. Heat Map and Gaze Plo