Thursday May 9th, 2024 Idairar Bargo

The University Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development (TIDES) and EmoturLAB join the Pact for Skills

emotur y pact for skills

TIDES and EMOTURLAB -ULPGC- join the EU’s Pact for Skills: Support for training and upskilling

The Pact for Skills is a European initiative aimed at public and private organizations that want to promote training and upskilling in the face of the challenges of digitalization and environmental sustainability. The University Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development (TIDES) of the ULPGC, through Emoturlab, is already part of this Pact.

What does the Pact offer?

  • Information on training needs
  • Advice on finding funding for training projects
  • Opportunities for collaboration with other organizations

What does joining involve?

Members commit to:

  • Promote continuous training
  • Collaborate with other entities to improve training
  • Analyze labor market needs to anticipate the demand for skills
  • Combat discrimination in training

Emoturlab’s training program

Through our laboratory and our Euro-emotur project and its education and training program, which aims to provide European tourism SMEs with the digital skills, innovative mindset and neuromarketing knowledge they need to succeed in an ever-changing landscape, while promoting collaboration and sustainability, in line with the Pact for Skills, which is an initiative focused on improving the employability and adaptability of the workforce in Europe through upskilling and reskilling efforts.

The education program will be delivered online and offline, as well as in real-time e-conferencing sessions. The key topics will be:

  1. New trends in tourism communication and digitalization
  2. Digitalization through emotions
  3. Digital innovation in the new post-COVID-19 scenario
  4. Neuromarketing tools (Eye Tracking, EEG, Face reader, etc.)
  5. New mindsets to face the new digital ecosystem
  6. Innovative products and experiences in the digital ecosystem
  7. How to create new and effective digital content
  8. Improvement of key KPIs through neuromarketing

The results of this project will be included as practical examples during the training courses, presented with the support of external experts (SMEs, technology providers) and a MOOC (Massive Open Online course) on digitalization and tourism will be available at the end of the project.

In addition, at EMOTUR we have also carried out different training courses, such as the latest course “TOURISM AND WOMEN IN AFRICA” offered by the UNESCO Chair of Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development, the TIDES Institute and the Emotur Laboratory, with the collaboration of the United Nations Development Programme.