Wednesday February 28th, 2024 Idairar Bargo

Our EMOTUR Lab appears on TVE

emotur lab neuromarketing

We are proud to announce that our EMOTUR laboratory has been featured in a TVE report, consolidating itself as an international reference in the intersection between tourism and neuroscience.

This innovative project, conceived and led by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has been officially inaugurated after 4 years of hard work and dedication.

The Canary Islands, recognized as a European leader in tourism, now also sets the standard for research in this field. In EMOTUR we have managed to merge these two worlds, creating a cutting-edge space dedicated to training, research and knowledge transfer to society in general.

Thanks to the financial support of European Funds, our tourism laboratory provides assistance to one hundred tourism companies and collaborates with four European laboratories. This support not only translates into concrete improvements for the beneficiary companies, but also boosts innovation and technological development in the tourism sector.

At EMOTUR Lab, we are committed to continue leading initiatives that promote progress and excellence in tourism, while exploring the complexities and opportunities offered by the interaction between the human mind and the travel experience.

Join us on this exciting journey into the future of tourism!


emotur lab neuromarketing

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